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Flourish Physical Therapy

17825 Pierce Plaza
Omaha, NE, 68130


Flourish Physical Therapy exists to help others flourish and get back to doing what they enjoy without limitation from pain, weakness or faulty mechanics. We believe this can be done with a hands-on approach utilizing manual therapy techniques, individualized exercise prescription and education. We have chosen to utilize a direct-pay business model which allows us to customize each session to the individual without treatment dictation, visit limitation or network restrictions from third party payers. It also allows us to schedule one-on-one uninterrupted time with each client so you get the best results with likely fewer number of total visits.  Payment is collected at the time of service in the form of cash, check, credit or debit card, HSA or FSA


Pricing Information

Service Cash Price
75 Min Evaluation $180
60-min Treatment Session with Dry Needling $150
Dry Needling (30-min) $75
Free Consultation FREE

Alyssa Saline PT, DPT, ATC

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