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Direct Primary Care: Our Solution

For Physicians

Primary Care Physicians are fed up with insurance and needing to code & bill every visit. Every minute they spend typing at a computer is a minute they cannot spend with a patient. DPC allows physicians to have much more time with patients and practice preventative healthcare with better economic outcomes for their practice.

For Employers

Businesses across the United States are all struggling with the rising cost of Health Insurance. By giving employees unlimited access to primary care, DPC is proving outcomes that not only give higher quality healthcare to employees, but it vastly reduces the number of claims on health insurance plans.

For Patients

If you long for a time when your physician could spend more than 10 minutes with you during your visit and takes proactive steps to help you be healthier, you’ll be thrilled to join Strada Healthcare! We view the patient-physician relationship as the most important aspect of Direct Primary Care, and we believe that our single focus should be to help you reach your healthcare goals.

DPC Has Incredible Momentum

The Direct Primary Care movement is growing rapidly with thousands of locations and physicians across the United States who are challenging the status quo.

The below map is sourced from DPC Frontier.

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