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About Strada Healthcare

"It's Like Having A Doctor In The Family"

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About Strada Healthcare:

Redefining the Healthcare Experience

If you long for a time when your doctor can spend more than 10 minutes with you during your visit and takes proactive steps to help you be healthier, you’ll be thrilled to join Strada Healthcare! We view the patient-physician relationship as the most important aspect of Direct Primary Care, and we believe that our single focus should be to help you reach your healthcare goals.

At Strada Healthcare, our goal is to provide you, your family, and your employees with personal primary care that re-defines your experience of going to the doctor. We provide personal & convenient healthcare you can afford and eliminate insurance from the equation. Large health systems and hospitals prefer doctors to see a large number of patients every day, charging you office fees every time you visit. Strada Healthcare has a different view.

The driving force behind Strada Healthcare

At Strada Healthcare, we encourage our providers to see fewer patients. We believe that a provider’s focus should be on spending time with you, your family, and your employees. The only metric we measure is quality. We believe the best medical treatment comes from one-to-one interaction, so we’re eliminating the middleman (aka insurance companies).

Did we mention there are no co-pays?

Your flat monthly membership fee gets you complete access to your provider with no extra costs or hidden fees. More time with your provider, preventative care, and personal & convenient healthcare you can afford: that’s Strada Healthcare.

Hear Jeff’s experience at Strada Healthcare:

As a member of Strada Healthcare, you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Personalized care tailored to you
  • A healthcare provider who knows you and your family
  • Same to next-day appointments with little-to-no waits and extended visits–much longer than your standard 8-minute appointment
  • Convenient connectivity – call, text or email your provider anytime
  • No hassling with insurance every time you visit
  • And more!

How Strada Healthcare Began

Dr. Joel Bessmer and his wife Katherine founded Strada Healthcare in 2016. As an internist, Dr. Bessmer has practiced medicine since 1991 and has had a mission to save primary care since then. As you have likely experienced in your own life, primary care doctors are increasingly busy and no longer have the time to get to know you or practice preventative care. Dr. Bessmer wanted to change this by bringing about a new type of care—Direct Primary Care—that would give doctors more freedom to practice medicine outside of insurance. Direct Primary Care (DPC) began on the west coast in the early 2000s by Dr. Garrison Bliss, a friend of Dr. Bessmer. After learning that this type of medicine could be practiced once again, he and his team of primary care advocates set out to bring it to Nebraska. In April 2016, the Nebraska State Legislature passed Legislative Bill 817 which allowed for doctors to practice primary care outside of insurance. From this point forward, Strada Healthcare has grown to be Omaha’s leading Direct Primary Care provider with locations across Nebraska and Iowa.



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