About - Strada Healthcare

Our History

Dr. Joel Bessmer founded Strada Healthcare in Omaha, Nebraska in 2016. His mission was to create a better primary care model that saved patients money and was more efficient for physicians. Over the years, Strada has grown into one of the region’s largest direct primary care networks with more than 50 providers across nine states. Strada’s list of services has grown to now include onsite clinics, near-site clinics, virtual-only care, behavioral health, and more. Our aim today is consistent with our founding: to bring innovative and advanced primary care solutions to the market, while lowering costs and improving outcomes.





We’re passionate about primary care

We believe that one of the most important aspects of a person’s healthcare experience is a personalized approach to primary care. Today’s healthcare system doesn’t value primary care, and because of this, most people’s experience with doctors consists of 5-7 minute appointments that feel rushed and disconnected. We think that in order for our healthcare system to function at its best, people need a higher-level of primary care: one that is focused on prevention and centered around the doctor-patient relationship.


Our Mission:

We help employers and individuals navigate the healthcare system by centering it around advanced primary care. By doing this, we help our patients lower healthcare costs and improve their health outcomes.