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Customize Care for Your Employees

Reliable and convenient access to quality care is essential to maintaining good health. Unfortunately, lack of time and access, cost, and misunderstanding of benefits plans often lead to underutilization of primary care. This can result in employees flooding emergency rooms, missing out on critical and preventive care, and letting chronic conditions go unmanaged.

With Strada Healthcare, your employees get convenient access to the care they need, instead of spending valuable time away from work waiting for an appointment or deciphering the bills that come afterward. And we work with you to determine the type of care that’s right for your employees and business model, whether that means on-site or near-site services.

Our Approach

Onsite Clinics

Typically reserved for large-group employers, Strada’s onsite-clinic approach is tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you need a provider on-site a few times a week or multiple providers full-time, we can work with you to meet your needs.

Near-Site Clinics

Strada Healthcare’s near-site clinic model leverages our clinical footprint to bring better care to large employers. Near-site clinics allow employees to receive convenient access to a primary care providers without worrying about the cost.

Want More Information?

If you are interested in pricing or a proposal for our onsite/near-site clinic models, let us know!