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Virtual-only Care by Strada

Research shows offering free, virtual access to quality healthcare helps companies stand out in the job market because it shows they care about their employees. Encouraging employees to use virtual care gives them time back and can be viewed as an employee retention strategy for your organization.

With Strada Healthcare’s Virtual-Only Care Plan, powered by First Stop Health, your employees can conveniently talk to a doctor via phone or video within minutes. This fast and easy experience saves time and money. As an employer, you’ll benefit from reduced absenteeism, cost savings and increased productivity, while your employees will enjoy immediate access to care when and where they need, with fewer out-of-pocket expenses. Plus, there’s no cap on these visits, so your employees can access virtual care as often as they need.

Why Companies Love Our Virtual-Only Care

24/7 Access

Employees are able to access a doctor any day, any time. This means they can get care better, faster and more conveniently. They also save money by avoiding unnecessary trips to emergency rooms, urgent cares, or doctors’ offices.

No Visit Fees

Unlike other telemedicine companies that charge employees $19-$49 per consult, our service is all-inclusive, and employees will never be sent a bill from us, regardless of utilization.

We Care About Utilization

You shouldn’t pay for a benefit if your employees don’t use it, and that’s why we work on the back-end to ensure your employees know about their benefits and use them when they need them. We offer customized year-long employee engagement, and in some cases, performance guarantees.

Reporting & Metrics

We offer easy onboarding and maintenance via an online dashboard, as well as quarterly reporting to measure utilization and savings.

Get More Information

Our virtual-only care can stand alone as a benefit for small businesses or be integrated into a large group health-plan. Let us know if you are interested, and we'll provide you with pricing specific to your group.