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Your Guide Through Open Enrollment

Get the help you need here.

It’s free and no obligation.

With this page, our goal is to let you know of your health coverage options – and connect you with local brokers who specialize in helping individuals and families enroll in the open health insurance market.


Step 1: Connect with a local broker

This is essential. A broker will look over your needs and options, and will guide you to your best plan – it’s all free and with no obligation.

To get connected, you can:

  1. Complete the form on this page and we will send you Strada’s Picks – our trusted local brokers that we recommend.
  2. Or, go to localhelp.healthcare.gov to get a list of brokers in your area.


TIP: Save on healthcare with Direct Primary Care

At Strada Healthcare, we’re one of the best in offering Direct Primary Care.

Our tip – If you’re interested, ask the broker you choose about Direct Primary Care. You two can decide together if it’s a good choice for you.