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Evidence Based Oriental Medicine

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Oriental Medicine is an excellent alternative or complementary option, when you are not satisfied with Western Medicine therapies, either inadequate therapeutic effectiveness or serious side effects.

The licensed and nationally (NCCAOM) certified practitioners at Evidence Based Oriental Medicine (EBOM Clinic at Sioux Falls, Omaha, and Lincoln) received eight years of Chinese Acupuncture & Herbs education from prestigious universities in China, and obtained multiple years of bio-psycho-medical education in US. The doctors have more than sixty years of combined experience specialized in Chinese Acupuncture, Personalized Herbal Medicine, and Acupressure Massage.


Procedure Cash Price
One Acupuncture Treatment $75
One Hour Deep tissue Massage $75
One Herbal Medicine consultation and one bottle of herbal pills/capsules $75
30 minutes of fire cupping therapy $45