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Personal & Convenient Healthcare You Can Afford

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Direct Primary Care You Can Afford.

This is Strada Healthcare.

Strada Healthcare focuses on providing direct primary care to those who need it most: individuals, families, and businesses.

Direct Primary Care provides an alternative payment model to the traditional healthcare billing model. Instead of paying “fee for service” charges or battling with third party billing, you and your family or your business pay a flat membership fee and have access to high quality and affordable healthcare when everyone needs it most.


Affordable Direct Primary Care in Nebraska and Iowa

Direct Primary Care options like those provided by Strada Healthcare allow for you to experience:

– Better overall health outcomes
– Lower medical costs
– An improved patient experience

Personal & convenient healthcare you can afford. This is Strada Healthcare.

Why People Choose Direct Primary Care

Unlimited Access

Your Strada Healthcare membership includes unlimited primary care visits and an extensive list of covered procedures.

No Insurance Hassle

Since Strada Healthcare does not take insurance, we will never ask you for a co-pay. All of your office visits are covered by your membership.


As a member, you can call or text your provider anytime through our HIPAA-compliant app.

Very Affordable

Memberships start at just $99 per month.

How Does Direct Primary Care Work?

Individuals & Families

Extremely Convenient and Affordable

Direct Primary Care is a perfect solution for individuals and families looking for more affordable and convenient healthcare. A Strada Healthcare membership pairs well with a high deductible health plan because you will never have to worry about co-pays or your insurance for any of your office visits. Many of our members find that the membership pays for itself through fewer trips to the ER or urgent care centers.

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Businesses of Any Size

Enhance Your Benefits Package

Direct Primary Care is a cutting-edge solution for businesses of any size. If you have a small business and cannot afford to provide health insurance, Strada Healthcare can serve as a stand-alone benefit for your employees. For larger businesses, incorporating Direct Primary Care into your health insurance plan has been proven to lower total plan costs.

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