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Our Mission

Our Mission: To Advance Primary Care

For Self-Funded Insurance Plans

To Lower Claims

For Small-Sized Businesses

An Affordable Benefit

For Individuals & Families

More Personal Care

For Employers of All Sizes

Strada Healthcare is a national leader in bringing businesses innovative primary care solutions to help them attract and retain talent, keep their workforce healthy, and drive down the costs of healthcare. We understand that one solution does not work for every business, and we work with businesses of all sizes to tailor our solutions to their needs.

Regardless of your company size, Strada Healthcare has a solution for you to elevate your benefits package.

For Individuals & Families

Strada Healthcare provides an affordable healthcare package for individuals and families. How do we do this? By removing insurance from our clinics – and instead – charging a flat monthly rate. For that rate, our patients get unlimited access to their primary care providers.

That’s right, unlimited.

This means you can visit the clinic, or securely text/call your provider as often as you need him or her. You never have to worry about a copay or deductible. You never have to google your symptoms again. Our Direct Primary Care memberships fit best with a high deductible insurance plan to cover any catastrophic health needs.

Our growing network of primary care clinics, now located in 8 states

Why We Focus on Prevention