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Anytime Access. No Insurance Hassle.

Strada Healthcare provides primary care to members for a low, monthly fee. All the services in clinic are covered and members are not required to use insurance in order to access their medical provider. Just like a gym membership where you pay for access to the benefits that a facility provides, your membership to Strada Healthcare gives you access to an extensive list of primary care services.

No Insurance Necessary

We don't overcomplicate things

That’s right. We don’t require insurance. Why do we do this? Because we want our providers to spend their time with YOU, not filling out insurance forms. By purchasing a membership to Strada, most of our patients actually save money as a result. You still need insurance for emergencies and high-cost procedures.

Multiple Locations

How convenient!

Whether you signed up as an individual or through your employer, you won’t have to worry about driving too far to your appointment. We have multiple locations across the Omaha-metro and give you the freedom to choose the provider that is most convenient for you. And remember, even if you don’t have time to visit your provider in-person, you can call or text them when you need them.

Longer Appointments

Preventative Care

We believe that you should never feel rushed when you come in for an appointment. By freeing our providers from the insurance regulations and documenting procedures, they have much more time to spend with you. You should always leave your appointments feeling that all your questions were answered. This is personal healthcare at its finest.

An Introduction to Direct Primary Care

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This is Direct Primary Care

More Time

Our providers have more time to spend with you.


Call, text or email your provider. No middlemen needed!

No Insurance Hassle

Who has all time for all that paperwork anyway?