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NCIG and Strada Healthcare Partnership

March 5, 2021

Direct Primary Care with Strada Healthcare gives you affordable care options and can actually increase your productivity.

In this article, you’ll learn why keeping yourself healthy, or managing your current care needs, is the best investment you can make in your business – and you might not have thought about it like that before! Really – what if you and your team could get the best benefits of healthcare without the financial burden?

The Strada + NCIG Partnership

NCIG understands your life, the pressures you face, the toll it takes on your body and health. Because of this, as their member, they know it’s their job to help you and your employees by offering you discounted benefits. And so our partnership was born – because what we offer with Direct Primary Care fits the life demands and budget of Nebraska beef producers, not the other way around.

Direct Primary Care: “What’s in It for Me?”

When you’re feeling your best, that’s when your business runs best. But keeping yourself at your best can be time and money-consuming and that’s a huge undertaking, so much so that you wonder if it’s worth it. With traditional healthcare, you have to schedule an appointment for weeks or even months out. Then you wait for an hour once you get there. And when you get there, you’re met with a copay.

Here’s an idea: What if there was a way to make healthcare WORK for YOU?

You Save with Strada Healthcare.

Strada Healthcare isn’t insurance or an insurance replacement. It’s a healthcare membership that gives you unlimited access and huge savings ­– and with one low monthly price that you pay DIRECTLY to Strada Healthcare (NO insurance, NO copays). Strada Healthcare memberships are best paired with high-deductible insurance plans with a lower premium. As a result, it’s a fantastic business solution.

Adults 19+ are $99/month, and you can visit our site to learn more about our pricing structure for children, spouses and families. And the list below shows what’s covered for that low membership price.

  • Annual Physical
  • All Preventative and Follow Up Appointments
  • Annual Lab Work
  • Women’s Health
  • Acute Visits
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Weight Management
  • Treatment of Sprains and Lacerations
  • Infant and Child Well Checks
  • Mental Health
  • For additional labs and imagining, we have partnerships with providers across the state to offer you negotiated discount pricing.

You Get Unlimited Access with Strada Healthcare.

If you’re already healthy, it’s really important to keep it that way. Or if you have a chronic condition and need help managing it, it all comes easier with access to care. In the list below, you’ll see how Strada Healthcare gives you access.

  • Strada Healthcare’s affiliate clinics and providers in your local area.
  • Strada Healthcare’s same-day or next-day appointments.
  • With your Strada Healthcare membership, you have unlimited visits with your primary care provider – no extra cost.
  • For minor acute conditions, use 100% free and secure Spruce App to text, call, or have a virtual visit with your Strada Healthcare provider (no extra cost) and get medications if needed.
  • Little to no wait time for appointments, and longer, more focused visits with your doctor.

Seriously, think about what all of this means for your business! If you and your employees have greater access to care – and you can do it more affordably – everyone will spend less time in a doctor’s office and stay healthy, happy and productive.

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