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Tiffany Leonida, DC CACCP

“My mission is to give those without a voice a pedestal to be heard…everyone deserves that…especially the tiniest of us.”

Dr Tiffany, DC CACCP is a board certified pediatric and prenatal chiropractor specializing in fertility, pregnancy, birth and pediatrics with more than 300 hours of post graduate education.  She has her post-doctorate certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  She is also Webster certified, so she is trained specifically to care for the unique needs of moms to be.  She is a doula trained through ToLabor and DONA and is a childbirth educator.  She received her Bachelor’s degree from UNL in Exercise Science and has also completed Master’s work in Forensic Biochemistry.  She received her Doctorate in Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA.  While there, she was chosen for a Missions Program in the country of Vietnam, providing those in the rural communities a chance at healthcare.

This past year, Dr Tiffany suddenly lost her best friend and cousin, Katie, just a few short days after she had welcomed her baby boy into the world.  Previous to this pregnancy, her cousin received multiple rounds of fertility treatments.  It was following this tragedy combined with her own fertility challenges and miscarriage, that Dr Tiffany began diving into fertility awareness and has been the driving force behind the new fertility program at Healthy Start Family Chiropractic.  Because of all the outpouring of support from the Healthy Start family, this tragedy also inspired our Healthy Start Community.  Dr Tiffany has a heart for helping people walk through tough times and this community has given many families an opportunity for support, serving, and friendship.

She has a passion for education, so during her free time, you’ll usually find her out and about in the community, networking and teaching others how to regain their health and take charge of their lives.  Her other passions include yoga, homesteading on their acreage, her children, Lucy and Myriel, and her faith.

Her chiropractic story:

“As a child, I struggled with health.  One of my earliest memories was a vaccine injury that I sustained following my kindergarten booster.  I wasn’t able to walk without a cane for weeks and had extreme pain in my leg.  I was lucky and recovered, but that seemed to lay the groundwork  for my childhood.  I had severe allergies, which developed into asthma.  I also had an immune system that couldn’t cope with common illnesses.  I was constantly on antibiotics as I would contract Strep throat multiple times per year.  By the time I was a teen, my digestive tract was a wreck.  I remember thinking it was normal to have a bowel movement every two weeks.  By the time I was in college, I had to plan my outings with friends around bathrooms and meals around what my stomach could tolerate. This was no way to live.  It was at this time that I met my first chiropractor, who changed my life.  He was the first person to tell me that my situation was not a matter of bad luck.  He said that I had a choice in how I wanted to live.  From that day forward, I was no longer a victim to my health.  I then began my path to becoming a chiropractor, restoring my health and thriving at life!

Looking back, I wish I had known in my childhood what I do now.  This is why my purpose as your preconception, pediatric, prenatal and family chiropractor is to empower families to make positive choices for their families…starting from before conception.  Together, we can change the statistic that our children will live shorter, less quality lives than we did.  This starts from educating families before they get pregnant on what healthy is and how to achieve health.  Since I’ve been in practice, I’ve seen some very sick kids, some of which you can hear about on our website, some of these kids were sicker than I was in college and they were only 18 months of age.  Our babies and our future have so many things stacked up against them in this lifetime…it’s my life mission to give them the best life possible.”