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Ann Wieseler MSN, APRN

Ann Wieseler is a board-certified family practice and acute-care nurse practitioner with experience in trauma and emergency medicine. Patient relationships were an integral part of Ann’s clinical rotation at a local family practice facility. It was here, that she recognized the value of integrative care and the importance of treating the whole person, not just physical symptoms. She loved developing a trusting relationship with the patients. This motivated her to join a practice where she could foster partnerships with her patients. Omaha Integrative Care’s focus parallels Ann’s values that she wants to incorporate into everyday practice.

As a nurse practitioner at Omaha Integrative Care, Ann will independently diagnose and treat various illnesses and injuries, focusing on promoting health and preventing disease and illness while using a holistic patient-centered care model.

Ann is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree at Creighton University, with the focus on bringing integrative medicine into advanced nursing practice. Her scholarly project will look at the impact of direct-primary care and integrative care on emergency department visits and laboratory markers. Utilizing integrative medicine, and incorporating social and behavioral disciplines, will allow for the achievement of optimal outcomes where the treatment of the whole person is the focus of care.

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