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Strada Healthcare has providers throughout the Omaha metro, and throughout Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa, and Michigan. When you enroll in Strada Healthcare, you can select a provider from any of our affiliate clinics. Click Here for a map of our current practices and practices.


Strada Healthcare is proud to partner with Ginkgo Naturals to bring you Direct Primary Care. If you would like more information on this benefit, please contact Jeff Ferris at

How to sign up for Direct Primary Care through Ginkgo Naturals

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    Sign up

    If you haven't received a link from Ferris Benefits Group to enroll, you can get started by completing the form below. Completing the enrollment process only takes a few minutes. If you would prefer to enroll over the phone, please call us at 402.401.4404.

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    Download Spruce

    You will receive an invitation to join Spruce, the secure app that allows you to communicate directly with your Strada healthcare team.

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    We will contact you

    Strada will contact you to orient you to the program and answer any questions you may have.

Common Questions

Is there anything Strada Healthcare does not cover?

Specialist visits, Dental, Vision and Hospital Care are not included in your Strada membership and can be covered by your health insurance policy. Your annual lab work is included in your membership, but any additional labs that you might need we offer at extremely reduced cash prices.

Will Strada bill my insurance?

No. Strada Healthcare will not bill your insurance for any of our services. Eliminating this hassle allows our providers to spend more time with you.

Am I charged a fee or copay when I visit my Strada provider?

No. When you see your Strada provider, you will never be asked for a co-pay. All primary care services inside our clinics are covered under your membership, and you can visit your provider as often as you need to.

Will Strada save me money?

With a Strada membership, all primary care services are covered. You don’t need to meet a deductible to have visits with your primary care provider for health coaching, weight management, chronic conditions, or acute issues such as respiratory infections and minor injuries. Since we focus on keeping you well and identifying issues well in advance, we can help to reduce the costs of unexpected illness.

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