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Fed up with insurance and needing to bill for every visit? We get it. Today’s healthcare system is broken. Physicians are only compensated when patients are sick and practices can bill insurance for their visits. Direct primary care (DPC) is an innovative alternative to traditional fee-for-service insurance billing that allows you to spend more time with each patient, while minimizing your overhead.

How Direct Primary Care Differs from the Traditional Healthcare Model

Unlike traditional fee-for-service third-party payer billing, DPC removes insurance from the primary care setting so providers can spend more time caring for patients. At Strada Healthcare, we go a step further. Our DPC model empowers you to provide the highest quality care, while reducing overhead expenses and negative incentives associated with third-party payer billing.

DPC is a Viable Business Model

At an average price of $70 per patient per month, physicians practicing DPC receive approximately $675,000 – $840,000 per year in revenues.

DPC has three main differences from the traditional fee-for-service model:

Patients pay a flat monthly fee

This fee covers all primary care services.

Payment is directly from the patient

No insurance or other third-party payments are accepted.

No insurance paperwork required

Without the hassle of insurance, doctors have more time with patients.

By practicing Direct Primary Care, providers experience many positive benefits:

  • Increased professional satisfaction – Now more than ever, healthcare is about keeping people healthy, not just treating illnesses or injuries. Rather than only compensating physicians when patients are sick or injured, DPC rewards physicians for keeping patients healthy and actively engaged in their care.
  • Better work-life balance – With less time spent hassling with third-party payers, our affiliate providers enjoy a higher quality of life, including more time with families, limited patient pools and stronger doctor-patient relationships.
  • Less overhead – With less paperwork and administrative fees associated with third-party payer billing, DPC physicians report 60% less overhead than insurance-based practices.
  • Additional time with patients – Affiliate physicians have smaller patient panels, which means they can spend more time caring for each patient.
  • Simplified revenue structure – With Strada Healthcare, there’s no need to hassle with third-party payers. Monthly membership fees are paid directly to affiliate practices by patients or their employers.
  • Greater resources and referral capabilities – Nearly half of Americans, or 49% of the U.S. population, receive employer-sponsored health insurance. With Strada Healthcare, affiliate providers have access to a larger referral network of employers, providers and patients.
  • More engaged patients – Since there are no copays or deductibles to meet, DPC patients get untethered access to regular primary care. This helps eliminate emergency room and urgent care visits as well as encourages patients to be actively engaged in their health.

Why Providers are Affiliating With Strada

Lower Overhead

Strada has a complete technology stack and will manage all of the billing, reporting and membership management for your clinic.

A Turnkey Solution

Strada's turnkey affiliate solution allows your practice to begin offering DPC to your patients and local businesses within a few weeks.


Joining the Strada Affiliate Network gives you the opportunity to interact with many other DPC providers and their clinic staff to share best practices.

Join us in Revolutionizing Healthcare!

The DPC movement is growing rapidly with thousands of physicians across the country challenging the status quo. Whether you’ve been practicing DPC for years or you’re just now thinking about making the switch, our team is dedicated to working with you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about joining the Strada Affiliate Network.