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Strada Healthcare Expands into Texas with Newest Affiliate Clinic

March 18, 2021

Strada Healthcare, Omaha-based Direct Primary Care Network, Expands to Texas

Omaha, NE – Strada Healthcare has announced today that Dr. Thomas Kay, MD, ABFM of New Braunfels, TX, is joining their Network of Direct Primary Care providers across the Midwest, East Coast and Southwest. Dr. Thomas Kay is a board-certified family medicine physician who completed medical school at the University of Texas Medical School and family medicine residency at McLennan County Medical Education and Research Foundation. He also practices emergency medicine.

Dr. Thomas Kay joins Strada Healthcare as the founder of Direct Primary Care New Braunfels. As an affiliate provider of Strada Healthcare, Dr. Thomas Kay will have more opportunities to grow his Direct Primary Care practice.

“I’m thrilled that Dr. Thomas Kay will be joining our Network,” says Joel Bessmer, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Strada Healthcare. “Thomas brings over 20 years of knowledge and experience of creating health for his patients.For the last five years, Thomas has made a huge commitment to deepen his patient-provider relationship with the opening of his Direct Primary Care clinic and we look forward to his growth with Strada Healthcare.”

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a healthcare model that is catching on among U.S. business owners, families, individuals, and primary care providers as they endure the effect of rising healthcare costs. DPC cuts costs by taking health insurance out of primary healthcare transactions. Instead, patients pay their DPC provider directly with a modest monthly membership fee for unlimited access to primary care. This means patients can visit their provider an unlimited number of times without co-pays or working toward deductibles. It’s modeled so that high-deductible plans with low monthly premiums wrap-around DPC memberships and act as a safety net for unlikely catastrophic events. DPC encourages health, wellness, and preventative care.

“When I began to consider what an ideal medical practice would look like, I landed on Direct Primary Care,” says Dr. Thomas Kay. “In a world where so many have health care insurance, and so few have anyone caring for their health, my patients enjoy having direct access to their provider, being heard and working toward optimal health.”

As a provider through Strada Healthcare, Dr. Thomas Kay’s Texas clinic will have more opportunities to create business partnerships with companies looking for ways to cut health insurance claims and give their employees a better health insurance plan at a more affordable cost.

Strada Healthcare patients are offered resources like 24/7 text and call options through Spruce App, a free, secure, HIPAA-compliant digital care platform. Patients can also schedule appointments – including virtual ones – with their dedicated provider through the App. Because of this, Strada Healthcare’s providers can handle many healthcare needs whether they are urgent or simple. The App is one of the multiple ways Strada Healthcare offers greater access to care.

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Strada Healthcare was established in Nebraska by Dr. Joel Bessmer. Strada Healthcare has grown to be the premier physician-owned network of Direct Primary Care providers across the Midwest, East Coast and Southwest. Through Strada Healthcare, its members pay a low monthly fee of $99 directly to their Strada Healthcare primary care provider for unlimited access to them versus co-pays for individual service. This model encourages wellness and prevention, and allows for a closer patient-provider relationship, cost savings, and better health outcomes. Strada Healthcare has business partnerships across the nation and is growing because they can prove cost savings and increased health with exact numbers. To learn about our solutions, services, membership pricing and more, visit our website at


If you would like more information on this topic or to see our data on lowering costs and increasing health, please call Ryne Bessmer at (402) 305-5152, or email

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