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High-Tech Apps and Old-Fashioned Caring

July 7, 2017


What we introduced as cutting-edge and convenient has proven to us to be an asset in ways we never even imagined. Many times an appointment with a provider is loaded with information…..test results, diagnoses, action plans, medication changes, etc. Strada patients can utilize the Spruce app to connect with their provider to ask any follow-up questions or reaffirm their instructions regarding treatment plans and/or medication. Over 80% of Strada patients are utilizing the Spruce communication tool with text, email, pictures, and video. Healthcare on their time!

Many adults recall when healthcare always involved a relationship with a Primary Care Physician.   Young adults desire to establish an ongoing relationship with a Primary Care Physician. Our providers are able to leverage this technology to build better relationships with Strada patients and deliver an improved standard of care—regardless of the patient’s age.

While answers, advice, and appointments can admittedly be handled through technology, Strada would never undervalue its most important asset – the human intelligence, education, and training of our providers. Face-to-face appointments are necessary and our providers are thoroughly enjoying getting to practice “old-fashioned” medicine where appointment times are unrushed, relationships are formed, and trust is established.









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