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Healing Calm Physical Therapy

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Healing Calm Physical Therapy

10506 Burt Circle
Suite 120
Omaha, NE 68114


Pricing Information


Service Cash Price
Initial Evaluation and Care Plan Development $130
Care Plan Treatment Session $105
Incremental Reassessment; Quarterly to Biannually $130



Initial Evaluation and Care Plan Development

60 minutes, devoted one-on-one time with your therapist acknowledging your physical concerns through review of your history and discussion, establishment of care through initial treatment and initial supportive exercises as well as recommendations will be provided. Also, within this dedicated time of getting to know your concerns, your hopes for resolution of such concerns along with the goals you dream of resuming in your life will be explored and such a pursuit will be initiated.

Care Plan Treatment Session

60 minutes, devoted one-on-one time discussing your experience in response to your care to date, evaluation of your remaining and present concerns, treatment progressions of your remaining recovery needs and review of your supportive exercises and advancements if indicated as well as supportive recommendations will be provided each treatment session.

Incremental Reassessment; Quarterly to Biannually

60 minutes, tune up visit designed to provide both an early detection in decline to your well-being, provide treatment as indicated and concurrently provide a review of your personal home exercise program as well as any appropriate progressions. Our long-term goal is for your liberation from prior sources of pain and suffering while also supporting your lasting involvement with your life interests allowing you to continue enjoying life to the fullest!

Dan Miller, PT, MS, NKT

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