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Strada Healthcare Leadership Team

Strada Healthcare Leadership Team

Dr. Joel Bessmer and his wife Katherine founded Strada Healthcare in 2016 because of the growing need for cost-effective and efficient healthcare. Because primary care doctors are increasingly busy and no longer have the time to get to know you or really practice preventative care, Dr. Bessmer wanted to change this. He brought Direct Primary Care, knowing it would give doctors more freedom to practice medicine outside of insurance. Today, Strada Healthcare has grown to be Omaha’s leading Direct Primary Care provider with locations across Nebraska and Iowa.

While we have several providers and practices across Nebraska and Iowa, the core Strada Healthcare Leadership team consists of Dr. Joel Bessmer, Director of Operations Lisa Fisher, and Director of Patient Experience Molly Ferris.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Joel Bessmer, MD

Medical Director

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A native of Plainview, NE, Dr. Bessmer is passionate about providing the highest quality of health care to the Nebraska community. He is the Medical Director of Strada Healthcare and the founder of Members.MD. Strada Healthcare has been his dream and his mission is to save primary care. He believes Direct Primary Care can do just that and he is a tireless advocate for this type of practice.

Dr. Bessmer is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. After completing his medical education, he joined the UNMC faculty in 1997, serving as associate professor of internal medicine, associate director of the internal medicine residency program, co-director of the UNMC medicine/ pediatrics residency program and medical director for UNMC Physicians Turner Park Clinic and Baker Place Clinic.

Dr. Bessmer and his wife ​Kathy have sixteen children, and the family loves to spend time on their farm near Blair.​

Lisa Fisher

Director of Operations

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Lisa is an experienced healthcare professional skilled in clinic operations, disease management, case management, quality of care, and provider relations. Lisa makes sure that the entire experience at Strada Healthcare is positive for our doctors, our employees and especially our patients. Lisa has a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Bellevue University and resides with her family on their acreage in Council Bluffs.

Molly Ferris, BSN, RN

Director of Patient Experience

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Molly is an former Emergency Room nurse who likes to help others stay healthy instead of treating them when it's too late. She loves Direct Primary Care because it preserves the patient-provider relationship. Molly graduated from the Accelerated Nursing Program at Creighton University after spending years as a television reporter. She and her husband Jeff have three great kids, a corgi and two cats and she lives in Midtown Omaha.